Rich Wilde And The Aztec Idols Slot: Play’N Go Goes Treasure Hunting

Rich Wilde is known for his wild adventures. He goes fearlessly to the Amazon, the Bermuda Triangle and of course to Mexico to solve the mystery of the Aztecs. As always, he has a chic good with him, but he is also familiar with the archaeologist Dresscode from Indiana Jones. With whip, shoulder bag and Gucci Bandana he is perfectly equipped for his Aztec adventure. What he needs now is a player who can show him the way!

Jingle Jim was yesterday, today there is Rich Wilde and the Aztec Idols, the new slot machine of the developer of mobile casino games Play’n GO. You know how well this developer’s games can be played on all devices, but can Rich Wilde do justice to the high level of gaming fun you’d expect from the series? In our test, we’ll look at the individual aspects of the slot and tell you if it’s worth going with Rich Wilde in search of the Aztec Idols, or if you’d rather sit in front of the fireplace at home!

Technical features

Rich Wilde and the Aztec Idols is a pretty straightforward slot. It has 5 reels, each with three symbols and 15 paylines. This is a little less than other slot machines, but it didn’t result in any lower or fewer winnings in our field test. This is especially due to the great bonus features, which we’ll discuss in a moment.

The presentation of the game is excellent. The video slot screams in 3D. With the bonus game, the wheel of fortune presented to us before we win the free spins, and the animations we see when we win, these slot machines are a spectacular adventure. Of course, we also want to see beautifully designed icons, and that’s where Play’n GO comes in. All in all, we feel like we’re looking for the Aztec idols in the middle of it instead of just being there!

The slot machine accepts different bets. On the one hand you can choose the number of active lines. If you reduce these, you make the slot more volatile, as the chances of winning are lower, but the bets decrease proportionally. In theory, you can afford to bet large amounts on a single line. But overall the betting possibilities are far behind the standard. The maximum bet of 18.75€ is much too low for high rollers and therefore disappointing.

bonuses and winnings

Play’n GO lets its players win everywhere. Of course at home on the sofa, but also in the subway or in the car. Of course only as co-driver! Because the developer is known for programming games that also work without problems on mobile devices. So nothing stands in the way of your mobile profit!

To win, it’s best to spin the rollers. When the reels have really taken off, the winnings are lined up like Deutsche Bahn train wagons. Only that the winnings come more punctually!

To improve its balance again, one can collect diligently wild symbols. Well, don’t collect directly, but when the Wild symbol appears, it replaces all other symbols except Scatter. How do I find the Wild symbol? Three guesses… Right, it’s the star of the game and our favorite archaeology, Rich Wilde!

But Wild Symbols aren’t the only helpers in Rich Wilde and the Aztec Idols. With little luck, you can find three scatters on the reels and the bonus game will start. There you have to prove a good intuition and choose the right Aztec characters. Because the bonus game is something like a little hat game, you never know what is hidden under it. It may be a cash win, or a poison gas that ends the bonus game directly.

Rich Wilde has many friends and so we are not surprised that there is a second scatter. This is very interesting because it gives us free spins. To make it exciting, the free spins don’t start directly, but are activated by a wheel. Do you remember the show “Wheel of Fortune”? This is exactly how you can imagine it.

The outer part of the wheel rotates and comes to a standstill. There are various symbols on it, which then become extra scatters during free spins. Then the inner part of the wheel rotates and the position where the wheel stops determines how many free spins are won. With a little luck, you can win over 20 free spins! Don’t forget also that the extra scatter promises an extra win if three of the selected symbols appear at the same time.

As you can see, Rich Wild and the Aztec Idols has a lot of interesting features. Use them wisely and you’ll be on the winning track!