Comdirect Bank Advertises Bond On Wirecard With 12.5% Interest P.A.

The customers of comdirect Bank can currently subscribe to a Protect bond on Wirecard with 12.5% interest p.a.. This is an attractive offer, which will be issued via the partner Commerzbank, i.e. the parent company of comdirect Bank. The bond has a term of 12 months and a fixed annual yield of 12.5%. This yield is significantly higher than that of the other bonds frequently advertised by comdirect Bank. However, it should be noted that the bond on the Wirecard share in particular is quite volatile. This is due to the fact that Wirecard’s share price has been subject to strong fluctuations in recent months in any case.

Whoever is interested in the bond on Wirecard’s share should know that although the interest rate here is significantly higher than is the case with other bonds, a much higher risk is taken in any case. This is due to the fact that in the past, negative press releases, for example, had already caused Wirecard’s prices to plummet very quickly.

The yield on the Proect bond on Wirecard, at 12.5% per annum, is significantly higher than that on many bonds. Traders benefit from the fact that the barrier is at 85% of the starting level, providing additional security. The barrier is only observed on the valuation day, i.e. 24 July 2020. If you touch the barrier on this day, or if you fall below it, this means that you get equities booked into your portfolio instead of the capital invested. The entire bond can be traded flexibly on a daily basis, which also offers a certain amount of leeway if you want to part with the bond at short notice, or if you want to buy it.

At comdirect Bank, you can take a good look at the chart performance of Wirecard’s shares over the past few months. If you take a close look at the price, you will notice that it was in part significantly lower than it is today. Share prices of around 100 to 120 euros per share were quite realistic, especially at the time when the share was severely punished by media reports. In general, however, the business environment at Wirecard is very positive, so that a further recovery of the share is expected in the long term.

Which trading options does comdirect Bank offer?

The customers of comdirect Bank have the great advantage that they use a broker who is very well positioned and with whom they can trade very flexibly. For this purpose, it is necessary to first open a securities account with the broker. In any case, the broker is very customer-friendly when it comes to fees. This means that you can easily combine the securities account with various products and thus save on securities account fees. Who opens the Depot together with the free Girokonto of the bank profits from the fact that he can lead both products free of charge together.

Funds and ETFs at comdirect Bank

In trading at comdirect Bank, it is above all funds and ETFs that can be traded without great effort. It should be noted that these products can be traded very easily in any case and are also available in a large selection. The customer can quickly access a range of several thousand funds in the fund area. The bank advertises with the fact that over 10,000 different funds can be perceived. The ETF portfolio is just as extensive, as there are thousands of ETFs to choose from. The bank’s portfolio is constantly being expanded and also adapted, which is of course in the interest of investors and leads to them looking for new products at the bank.

In principle, savings plans are also advertised at comdirect Bank. It is possible that the savings plans can be subscribed e.g. on funds and ETFs. The execution can take place e.g. once in the month, so that the minimum sum 25 euro can be saved. In the long run, traders can use the savings plans to build up a very attractive financial investment. It is also possible that savings plans can be subscribed for individual shares. This means that you can save on certain securities. This could be particularly attractive for US dividend-bearing securities, as higher yields are possible and dividends are possible than for many securities in Europe.

The customers of comdirect Bank also benefit from the fact that they are always offered new attractive bonds. This means that customers can quickly and easily subscribe to a bond with an attractive interest rate. Even with bonds, however, it is important to be aware that the risk is there. Losses up to total loss must be accepted in any case, if one decides to subscribe to a reverse convertible. It is also important to bear in mind that very different risks are taken in the area of bonds. The interest rate, on the other hand, is fixed for most bonds and cannot change as quickly.