Tr Binary Options Experience

Warning: Because TR Binary Options currently has no regulation, we recommend selecting another broker from our Broker Comparison such as IQ Option or BDSwiss.

Customers looking for a provider that offers a large selection of underlyings that can be traded with a wide range of binary options instruments should find the UK online broker TR Binary Options to be the right choice. With a total of around 160 underlyings in equities, indices, commodities and currency pairs, the trader has the full choice. In addition to numerous option variants, social trading is also available. And so that the trade does not have to be operated as pure gambling, TR Binary Options offers also beyond the trade the full program at market information, training further formats and direct support for the customers.

With such a offer spectrum TR Binary Options, also admits as TradeRush, belongs surely to the prominent representatives of its guild, however it depends naturally also on it, how the respective offers are converted concretely and filled with lives. These points we want to answer just as thoroughly, as the question about the trustworthiness and the respectability of this offerer. Our requirement is it that the investor can exclude surely that with a offerer fraud or Abzocke are at the agenda. In our now following detailed Review we summarized all important information and experiences to this offerer.

The most important experiences to TR binary options on a view

If one looks around for a suitable offerer for the trade with binary options, then the decision frequently results in a compromise. Either concessions must be made within the range of the offer for the trade, in order to find a offerer, who has an excellent offer within the range further training. Outstanding support is paid with restrictions on the availability of trading instruments. In short, it is very difficult to really find the perfect provider who can offer above-average support in all relevant categories. With the online broker TR Binary Options, however, it could be a representative who comes pretty close to the demands of perfectionists. Beside an extensive trade offer of approximately 160 underlyings the trader expects also the full selection at usual market trading instruments. Concretely our experiences showed thereby that at each time of day a tidy selection of values is available for the trade, and also the trade itself can be brought effectively and to precise courses over the stage.

However also in the offers, which are to support the customer approximately around the trade with the binary options, TR binary options has to offer indeed some. In several languages, under it also in German, a telephone Hotline is available. Model is after our experiences with this offerer also the extensive education offer, which reaches from regular Webinaren up to a very well opened EBook, is exemplary with our experiences.

In a nutshell, with TR Binary Options we have tested a provider where customers hardly have to compromise.

Is TR binary options-a serious-provider?

If we write that customers hardly have to compromise with regard to this provider, a certain disadvantage of this provider can be seen in the area of deposit security and regulation. Since this offerer is not subject to any national regulation, the customers have no firm reference points, in order to close on the respectability of this offerer. However, this does not have to be a disadvantage, because a provider that is not regulated does not automatically open the door to rip-off or fraud. Occasionally even the opposite is the case, since evenly these offerers must recruit particularly around the confidence of the customers and no doubts about their Seriosit├Ąt to come up may let.

Based on our experiences with this offerer we came in each case to the conclusion that the customers can rely also in questions of the data and deposit security on TR binary options, and must fear neither fraud nor rip-off.

Very wide selection of trading options

Irrespective of what is offered by Binary Options Brokers as additional services, the selection of tradable underlying assets and available instruments can be regarded as the most important criterion for the assessment of a provider. In the case of TR Binary Options, traders can always count on an extremely wide range of offers, both in terms of the selection of underlying assets and the instruments available.

The standard for online brokers for trading in binary options is that underlying assets can be assigned to the areas of equities, equity indices, commodities and currency pairs. Each category offers a well-differentiated selection. Nearly 80 stocks are available, plus almost 50 stock indices. The range of commodities is somewhat more manageable, as only nine individual stocks can be traded. In addition, there are 24 combinations of globally significant currencies in the area of currency pairs.

Although experience shows that individual traders often only concentrate on a few underlyings in trading, a large selection of underlyings still represents an advantage, as investors are not restricted to specific securities, but can also choose between different values within an industry. In particular in connection with a good educational offer a broad selection opens simply many additional possibilities.

In this sense it is to be evaluated also very positively that also with the applicable instruments a tidy selection is offered. Basically, the classic option is available, as well as One Touch, Ladder and CFD/FX options. With these instruments, the return opportunities can be increased many times over. Thus, additional levers can be activated in the CFD/FX area, which ultimately enable a return of up to 500 percent.

However, considerable returns can also be achieved in the area of classic binary options. A maximum of 81 percent is possible here. In this category, too, there are once again numerous possibilities to vary between the terms of the binary options. With the short-term variant 60 seconds can be selected between 60, 90, 120, 180 or 300 seconds as expiration period. In addition, several long-term option variants are also available. By the end of the current year, you can choose between 15 different expiration dates.

All in all, our experience has shown that a very wide range of trading variants and special strategies is possible in combination with the underlying assets and the instruments available.

Bonus for new customers depending on the selected account

Besides the extensive possibilities in trading, TR Binary Options also offers a bonus if a new customer decides in favour of this provider and decides to transfer a certain balance to his trading account. It might have gotten around meanwhile that a bonus is used above all in order to motivate the new customer to a higher first deposit, why the bonus height is staggered also after the height of the deposit amount. A total of five different account packages are available, depending on the amount of the first deposit. In addition to the bonus amount, the respective account packages also include other benefits and additional services. Alternatively, for example, so-called risk-free trades are issued, in which the trader does not lose his stake even if his position does not expire in the money. Specifically, a new customer who opens a so-called Platinum account with a deposit of at least 25,000 euros has the choice between a 100 percent co-payment bonus, five risk-free trades or three trades with “guaranteed profit”. In the case of the silver account recommended by the provider for newcomers, for which a first deposit of at least 5,000 euros is necessary, TR Binary Options lures with a bonus of 50 percent on the deposit or a risk-free trade. But also with the opening of a mini account starting from a deposit of 500 euro an additional payment bonus does not have to be renounced. Here the bonus offer for additional commercial capital lies with 25 per cent of the first deposit amount.

However, with regard to the bonus, it is not only the quotas for the additional payment that are decisive, but in particular the conditions that apply to the payment of the bonus amounts. It is not the case that the bonus amounts are gifts of money that the customer can have paid out directly if he wishes. In the case of the offerer TR Binary Options a disbursement of the commercial capital made available as bonus is possible only if a conversion in 30facher height was obtained.

Ein- und Auszahlungen not only by credit card possible

Who decides for the trade with binary options, knows that genuine money must be used for this. Therefore it is a central prerequisite that the corresponding credit balance must first be deposited into the trading account before trading can be started. Providers also differ in the options available for deposits and, of course, for withdrawals. In the case of the offerer TR Binary Options the customers can access thereby three different methods. At the uncomplicated one is the completion of all financial transactions after our experience by means of a credit card. TR Binary Options accepts both Visa and MasterCard. In addition, money can also be deposited with a debit card from Maestro. Another method is the classic bank transfer. And the third option is to pay money into the trading account using the Internet-based Neteller payment service. According to the provider, all these methods are available for both deposit and withdrawal. For payouts, it is not necessary to use the same method that was used for the deposit.

Exact deadlines for processing payout requests are not specified by the provider, but experience has shown that long waiting times are not to be expected. Only with the highest account versions, the Platinum account, an express payment is offered, where payment orders are guaranteed to be processed within 24 hours.

The minimum deposit is 200 Euro, but at least 500 Euro must be deposited with the first deposit, as this is the minimum requirement for opening the mini account. Minimum amounts also apply to the payout: For a payout on the credit card as well as at Neteller the minimum is 10 Euro, for bank transfers 100 Euro.

The provider TR Binary Options is not regulated

Little substantial was learned in our test about security and regulation. This is mainly due to the fact that it is not a regulated provider, so that there are no clear regulations as to which standards must be adhered to in this area.

Assumptions for the assessment of the prerequisites that apply in this area can therefore only be derived from day-to-day practice and past experience. It can at least be stated that there are no indications in this regard that give cause to doubt the trustworthiness of TR Binary Options. Fraud or rip-off have not yet occurred, and we assume that this will not be the case in the future either.

Good level of support and service

Where there are many possibilities for trading, experience has shown that questions can quickly arise as to how this trade is handled technically. And also with deposits and withdrawals it can come again and again to ambiguities, which the customer cannot always answer himself. For this reason, a competent and extensively available customer service should be given great importance for the quality of a provider. In the case of TR Binary Options we made thereby by and by good experiences. Positive is to be emphasized first of all that the service is made available in different languages, under it also in German. The appropriate telephone number can be dialed to the valid fixed net tariff. But not always all inquiries must be clarified by telephone, frequently it is enough also to place appropriate requests in writing. Also for this with the email form as well as on-line Chat two probate means are available to form as well as.

Beside the support with concrete questions to the trade and its technical conversion the commercial success depends naturally also on the concrete abilities and experiences of the Traders. In order to develop these authority, TR binary option makes a set of additional offers available. Beside regular Webinaren, which are offered in the form of live accomplished commercial sessions, the investors can inform also with an Ebook about important Basics and strategies in the trade with binary options. While the EBook is available in German language, the Webinars are offered exclusively in English.

Goodly structured Internet operational readiness level

The best offer at commercial possibilities and appropriate support is of little use, if it is not to be found. For this reason also a well structured web page is important for an extensive and comfortable use. Also in this regard the offerer TR Binary Options succeeded in a very good product. First it is to be emphasized positively that all contents are available also in German language. Important information around the trade can be answered in the FAQs, the asset index gives information about the available underlyings and already on the starting side is the Economic Calendar, with the most important information from the world of economics and finances. The handling of the trading platform itself is also very convenient and problem-free.

The app is still in work

Finally, we would like to discuss the possibilities of mobile trading. Also here the offerer provided TR binary options very well, and makes soon for the at present usual systems iOS and Android solutions available. When these offers are available then exactly, about it there is at present however no information.

Conclusion: Large selection in several respects

The provider TR Binary Options offers its customers a full program around the trading of binary options in any case. As plus points we evaluate above all the luxuriant trade offer as well as the extensive possibilities within the range support and further training. Contrary to other offerers also within the range bonus a certain selection is offered. In addition to additional trading capital, customers can also enjoy risk-free trades. However, we were able to identify a significant point of criticism in the fact that so far there has been no possibility of mobile trading via app. Here it remains to be hoped that the implementation announced by the provider will not be long in coming.

As far as security is concerned, it can be said that although external regulation cannot be trusted. However, based on our and other traders’ experiences, there is currently no reason to suspect that fraud or rip-offs must be feared.


Although the trading principle of binary options seems very simple at first glance, it is also worthwhile to consider the various possible strategies. The on-line broker TR binary options has a very broad offer in this regard.

written 11 months ago