Entropay Casinos 2019 – Deposit And Withdrawal

EntroPay is a Visa card that works completely virtually and is based on a pre-paid system. As a holder of a Visa card, you can now make simple and quick deposits and withdrawals without having to pay Visa fees and transfer times. Learn more about EntroPay and how to use it in your online casino.

EntroPay Casinos – which online casinos accept this payment method? – November 2019

It allows customers to make payments through all Visa partners. EntroPay was the first virtual credit card for Europe. The idea behind it was developed in 2000 by Ixaris, an operator of payment based financial services. At that time, there was an urgent need for digital solutions for customers who wanted to make payments online, regardless of their credit status or location. EntroPay was launched as an online payment method based on the Visa debit card system.

However, the EntroPay Virtual Visa Card is not a credit card, but a prepaid pre-paid debit card that must be deposited from another source (such as a regular account, or another credit card). The essential difference to a classic credit card is that EntroPay card holders can only spend as much money as they have already deposited into the account. Debts cannot arise. In addition, EntroPay users can purchase a real plastic MasterCard debit card in addition to a virtual Visa card. This can then be used in all shops that accept MasterCard and use it at any ATM in the world.

EntroPay Login

In order to use EntroPay credit cards, you need to create an account. Official site: entropay.com Registration is extremely fast. The only personal information you need to provide is your name, date of birth and address – as well as the details needed to make payments to the virtual Visa card. You wait a few moments for the confirmation and in just a few minutes you have the Entropay Visa card and can start right away. The card can be used wherever VISA is accepted – even in most online casinos!

The EntroPay Visa card can be connected to your account to be charged by direct debit, or you can simply transfer funds (which takes longer).

As no credit check is necessary for a debit card, you will immediately and automatically be assigned a visa number with all information. Depending on how you decide to top up your credit, it may take a few business days to fund your EntroPay account.

Deposit with EntroPay

The EntroPay virtual credit card allows players in online casinos to pay by credit card on a regular basis. You will need to select the “Visa” option when selecting payment options in the online casino. Almost every online casino offers VISA card deposit, which makes EntroPay a very good option for online casino players who are registered at various online casinos. Learn more: Visa Casinos

Withdrawal by EntroPay

Withdrawals are also possible with Virtual Visa from EntroPay, as with all credit cards. The disadvantage of withdrawing from an online casino to a credit card is that it usually takes 4-7 business days, depending on the online casino. In addition, the withdrawal is usually only possible if you have used the same credit card to deposit.

What does it cost to use EntroPay Online Casinos?

To create an account via EntroPay and use the virtual VISA card is completely free. Also, to load the online casino account with money requires absolutely no fees. However, depositing on the EntroPay card costs a bit of money. In order to load credit on the virtual EntroPay card using a credit or debit card, you have to pay 4.95% fees; in order to get money sent by a third party and use it on the card, you pay 1.95% of the total amount. If you want to make transactions between EntroPay accounts, you pay 20 US cents, and if you want to load money back from your EntroPay account to your debit or credit card, you pay $6. The exchange of currency units on all online purchases is 2%.

EntroPay security level

As part of the Ixaris Systems Ltd brand, your online payments will always be secure. This company is known for making customer accounts bomb-proof and has been certified and audited several times to prevent fraud and negligence. Ixaris Systems has been licensed by the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) to process digital money for EntroPay.

All personal information, login details and transactions are secured by 128-bit encryption methods so that information exchange between EntroPay servers and users cannot be intercepted.

When you play in an online casino, the trust of the player is highly valued – and EntroPay knows how to deal with that trust. Every deposit or withdrawal is kept secret and never passed on to any third party. In addition, the transaction only shows EntroPay as the payer to the payee, never the actual user. In this way, payments always remain strictly anonymous. In addition, passwords are not even made available to EntroPay staff to ensure user security.

EntroPay customer service

If you have problems using your EntroPay credit card or account, you only need to log in and navigate to the helpdesk to contact customer service immediately. The log-in is a prerequisite to protect your data. You can also contact the EntroPay team by email or post. All you have to do is enter your username. Sensitive data such as passwords or credit card numbers do not have to be entered at any time. Unfortunately, there is no telephone hotline.