Topoption With New App Offers Up To 85% Yield And 180 Underlyings

The broker TopOption is well known to most traders in the field of binary options. It should be noted that a yield of up to 85% is possible with top options. Numerous different options are offered. These include call and put options as well as the familiar touch and no touch options. In the area of turbo options it is possible that you can trade very fast without any problems and that a result is available within a few seconds to minutes.

The selection of the underlyings is much larger with TopOption than it is the case with other brokers. There are 180 different underlyings offered, which can be used without problems for the design of binary options.

How do I find the current version of the TopOption Trading app?

Who wants to start trading with the current version of the TopOption app can do so without problems via the Internet. It is possible that with TopOption a current app can be used to start mobile trading. The app was last updated on 27 March 2017 and has been installed between 5,000 and 10,000 times. It should be noted that the current version 2.8.1 of the app is available free of charge on Android. If you want to work with the app on your smartphone or tablet, you can use Android version 4.0 or higher without any problems. It should be noted that the app contains a lot of current features.

What features have been updated with the app, i.e. are offered by TopOption?

It is possible that realtime courses can be retrieved with the help of the app. In addition, it should be noted that particularly short trading times can be perceived. If you wish, you can exercise binary options with a term of just 30 or 60 seconds. Running times in the range of a few minutes can also be easily perceived in the binary options segment. It should be noted that registration with TopOption is more than easy.

The broker’s support is much more extensive than that of many other brokers. It is available in 14 different languages and can be accessed via telephone, for example. It is also possible that the support can be perceived for example via email and even via live chat. Especially the support via live chat is recommended and offers a lot of advantages. It should be noted that the support is really easy to use and can help to evaluate the TopOption offer.

The TopOption offers are explained on the broker’s homepage and are very easy to understand. Who informs itself on-line, will determine fast that TopOption ranks in each case among the brokers, who make best information materials available to their customers available.