Lotto Provider For 6 Out Of 49 In Test & Comparison 2019

It is not without reason that lottery 6 out of 49 enjoys such great popularity. In addition to the classic betting variant, 6 out of 49 can be played online. Online participation raises questions about the serious behaviour of lottery providers. has therefore carefully examined the providers and shows you here what criteria we use to conduct our evaluations.

The test showed that the provider Lottoland is particularly serious and offers the best offer.

The lottery game, which held the first draw in 1955, is just as popular today as it was when it was founded. The game also enjoys great popularity in Germany. In addition to our domestic version, the game is also available in other versions. In the USA, the game is called 5 out of 59, but has the same processes as 6 out of 49. In Italy, even a series of 90 numbers is played with 6 numbers. The fascination at the Tippspiel spread also in the Internet, since on numerous on-line portals the play 6 from 49 is offered.

6 from 49 on-line plays, the advantages in the comparison

Selection of a 6 from 49 offerers

A good Lotto portal should always offer a free tip for new customers. Beyond that the prices should not differ largely from a stationary acceptance place. The so-called “Quick Tip” should also be available to users.

Why should you play 6 out of 49 online now if you can buy the coupon at the nearest kiosk? Typing on the online portals explained here opens up new advantages that offer a lot of convenience. Additionally on-line typing offers independence, because players no longer have to pay attention to opening times and can after desire and mood in few moments the tip at home at the PC deliver.

Beside these advantages, which many players lead, there are with the Tippabgabe even still advantageous on-line characteristics. Above all newcomers, who deliver the tip for the first time, are left at the Lottostand to themselves. Questions are only answered to a limited extent by the employees. With on-line Lotto the procedures are described more exactly and players get Tipps.

Additionally offer many offerers of the play mode 6 from 49 storage functions of the favourite numbers. Players who opt for the online tip have the chance to automatically participate in a draw for several weeks with the right portal. It is also possible to join a lottery syndicate on the portals mentioned here, which has the advantage that the chances of winning are maximised.

Many consumers travel to nearby foreign countries because of high jackpots in order to hand in a lottery ticket there. With an online coupon you save these travel costs, because the coupon can be made available online. The player gets on many respectable portals the possibility on international plays to access.

Advantages in the overview:

How to play 6 out of 49 online?

To use the game 6 out of 49 online, every player should choose a reputable provider at All offerers were examined more exactly and examined on a respectable play way and/or disbursement way. After the provider has been selected for the upcoming draw, the registration can begin with the basic data. The basic data, which are necessary with all offerers, refer to the name, the address, the date of birth and a password. The registration can be completed completely online.

Now the desired game – in this case 6 out of 49 – can be selected. A virtual lottery ticket appears, which is based on the original. The bets on the ticket can be made with a mouse click. Each player then has the opportunity to make different settings (draw, additional game, participation). Once the ticket has been filled in, payment is made. This can be done with the usual online payment systems (Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, Sofort├╝berweisung etc.).

For the player, the task is now complete. The provider now sends an employee to buy the lottery ticket. Thus, the online provider is a trustee acting on behalf of the customer. The customer is saved thus the ways in the Lotoladen. As confirmation of the purchase a E-Mail dispatch takes place, which contains a copy of the Tippschein.

Now with the 6 from 49 drawing in the Lotto country play along and already the next drawing win.

The play system 6 from 49 in the detail

The Lotto play is one of the most well-known drawing plays, which the Lottoimperium brought out. In Germany the game is often booked online. Drawings in Germany take place nationwide on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The rules for 6 out of 49 are kept simple, so beginners can play this game.

There are 12 tip fields available which contain the numbers 1 to 49. 6 numbers are selected and marked in each betting field. The additional number can then be selected. Since 4 May 2013, new regulations have been in force for the lottery. The game 6 out of 49 has the following rules:

The game 6 out of 49 has the following winning classes:

Knowledge 6 out of 49

The principle 6 out of 49, i.e. the tip on 6 numbers between 1 and 49, exists in some countries. However, a comparison has shown that the tips run differently. Austria offers a draw of 6 out of 45 numbers. Thus this Lotterivariante is simpler than the German version. Italy has a more difficult system, as 6 numbers out of 90 are selected here. The chances of winning are much lower than in Germany.

In Germany there were already some winnings. The highest win related to the jackpot of 45.382.458 Euro, which was awarded to three players. These came from Schleswig-Holstein, North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia.

Fazit zum Spiel 6 aus 49

The game 6 aus 49 is one of the many variants that Lottogewinner brings out. Thanks to numerous online lottery providers this game can now be played comfortably from home. There are various providers available for this, which we have examined more closely. There with a simple registration a Tippschein can be filled out fast, in order to participate in the drawings on Saturday and Wednesday.