Explaining casino in a different way


Confusing linguistic sources say “casino means bad friend”. Casino has been came from an Italian word “casa”, which means a small place where all kind of pleasurable activity could be performed or social hub. According to its name, Casino accommodates certain type of “Gambling” activity and the industry in which it comes is commonly known as gaming industry.las Vegas, Macau, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, Reno, London, Singapore, Aruba, San Juan etc are famous casino spot. Generally Casino, are made near the place which is attraction point for all for example, hotels, restaurant, retail shopping, cruise ship etc. casino is generally known for gambling (a game of chance or luck) but there are some famous casino which is never been used for gambling like, Catalina casino, Hanko etc. Apart from this if someone wants to fill the thrill if gambling without going casino they can do so, by online gambling where you can also get casino bonus.

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A gambling house

 Proper history of casino is a myth, because every civilization from Greek to Romans, franceto England, all of them have story of gambling in their history. However, first known European gambling house (that time it was not called as casino) was the Rodotto, in Venice. It was to provide controlled gambling during the Carnival season. But eventually, to deprive the local gentry the government has decided to close this spot in 1774. Now a day’s America counted in top ten gaming industry in the world but before 1931 when gambling was legalized in America, was ban there.

Gambling facts of casino

Most jurisdiction allow person to play in casino from 16 to 21 year or above. Crap, baccarat, video poker, roulette, and blackjack are some skill used in playing games of chance. Mathematically calculated odds give advantage to the house over the player. These calculation could be express in expected value which is always negative with respect to player .This is the advantage of house that’s why it is known as “House edge”. When a player plays against each other, house takes a commission which is known as rake.  Sometime casino gifts some item to the gambler which is known as comps. The percentage of funds which is being returned to players is known as Payout. The most popular play in gambling casino is Video Lottery Machine or Slot machine.


According to its name casino houses different kind of gambling activity and the house is made so decorative and fantastic to attract the person. Casino is not just a game of chance if someone want to win they can win through strategy and Prudence.